Who, what, why, where…

I hate talking about myself, which could make having a web site based on my personal experiences, thoughts, desires, and peccadillos awkward at the least. Nonetheless, here I am … a person who uses “nonetheless” in her daily interactions. There is quite a bit more, but the plan is to reveal details slowly. Let’s (whoever you are) think of details as breadcrumbs left behind leading to some greater understanding. Or, not.

Most likely, I would not be here, in this digital space, were it not for a project for one of my classes. There have been occasions when the idea of starting a blog crossed my mind. But, having never kept a diary or journal (hell, I can’t even keep up with a daily planner), it’s obvious intrinsic motivation was not sufficient. The initiating project required me to provide a written product—something along the lines of traditional academic scholarship—and a multimodal component. Well, folks, here we are multi-modaling (I’m coining that word) our way forward.

That second paragraph might sound more like the why aspect of this enterprise, but it’s not. This is where things can get uncomfortable for some people. I am here to write about death. Well, that’s not quite right. I am here to deal with? Work through? Endure? I don’t really know. Perhaps the next few words will help to communicate my own difficulty. My son died almost two years ago. Once I share that, the conversation usually changes. At least for others. Not for me, though. That fact is always present for me.

So, I am the mother of a deceased child. That’s who I am. This is my personal grief journey. That’s the what. But why? There are a number of possible reasons for a grief journey that I will explore in future posts.

And, of course… where will all this take me? Come along with me to see if that question can be answered.


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